The Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a term that doesn’t get a huge amount of love in the development world these days. Which is a huge shame, because frankly I still passionately believe it is one of the most valuable concepts in tech development. …

Eighteen months ago I rebranded my business. Which meant I needed some new business cards. I’m a sales guy. I love networking. I can pretty much track my entire adult career through the packs of unused business cards that I have in a drawer in a desk at home.


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Over the last couple of weeks, a few stories have been swirling around about devices finally being rendered redundant — sometimes because of software requirements and sometimes because of technical advances.

Google shut out

First up was an announcement from Google that certain devices running dated OS versions would no longer be able…

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You’ll have all heard the story of how Gmail — now the most popular email service on the planet — originated as a side project. …

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Only a few weeks ago I touched on how app companies can glean design and UI inspiration from their rivals. My argument is that there is nothing wrong with using established design principles and customer behaviours to enhance your own app offering. Other companies clearly do this. It’s easy to…

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An extra short bonus article from me. Because I’m working flat out. All hours. Busy busy busy.

You see, I’m the only one in the office. Everyone else is off on the summer hols.

I don’t mind — they all bloody deserve it and they’ve worked like absolute soldiers over…

I run an app development agency that builds brilliant apps for a range of fantastic businesses, entrepreneurs and charities. We’ve got a development team (obviously) and a testing team (bug hunt!) and a commercial team. What we don’t have is an in-house designer. …

Google have announced that from August they will only accept app submissions to the Play Store in their preferred Android App Bundle (AAB) format. There are some brilliant reasons for Google moving away from APKs and towards the new Android App Bundles. However, this news has got the app world…

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5G is here. An exciting new dawn which turns your mobile into a supercomputer. Now your mobile can change the very fabric of space time, transport you to a new world of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it download speeds, new realities, flying cars and androids.

What? You don’t have a 5G-enabled phone yet?

You’re missing out on… well… umm… not much really.

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The Bahamas. Bright white sandy beaches. Crystal clear aquamarine seas. Sun-kissed resorts. Palm trees. Sounds pretty good right now.

It all started so innocently. I’d called the Apptaura team together for our monthly meeting and was armed with good news.

We signed up a chunk of new business. Our sales…

Thom Gibbons

Thom is CEO of the app development agency that wants to change our world with great code. Uniquely crazy, odd sock wearing. Aims to inspire.

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